Feel free to ask me anything   I'm currently a very busy student at UWF. This is my art blog with my art, doodles, sketches, and various other creative things of my everyday ideas and inspirations.

Step1: 3D print a glow in the dark green kitty face
Step ??: 90s commercials said no, but I’m totally going to download a car someday

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between class doodlesmore random people and things

between class doodles
more random people and things

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This was an assignment we had based on chance. I used java to program an applet that would randomly generate and place a series of dots and lines as if raining upon or slowly losing the idea of a chance, for what is more so then allowing someone or something come into your being?

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don’t love an image of me

don’t love an image of me

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Touch Me, but don’t Touch mecollage

Touch Me, but don’t Touch me

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Yesterday was a lovely art day/meetup with an awesome friend <3!
made some sketches downtown and then came home and doodled my kitties

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dog park doodlesAugust 2014

dog park doodles
August 2014

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As I watch it happenthe world goes onthe sun still shines

As I watch it happen
the world goes on
the sun still shines

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July 24th
Bayview Park and day outings quick pen sketches

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